Fangirling over Sungmin & Kim Sa Eun

Okay so the hottest news is that…(drumroll) Super Junior’s Sungmin is dating!! Yeay~ 
It’s heart-breaking at first ㅠㅠ But I consider myself mature enough and I have always been wondering when they will date and get married. Moreover, with all those SM artists confirmed dating and stuffs, why isn’t there any SJ members? Since it’s not a scandal then why do we have to feel sad for him? Instead, we still can support him and Kim Sa Eun, and of course Super Junior.

What I am thinking is why among all members sweet pumpkin Sungmin was first xD He doesn’t appeal to, or didn’t I keep updated with news or rumour or whatever? Anyway! They are so cute together >,< And Ms.Kim Sa Eun, you get the man! He’s been so considerate, mature, protecting, and comforting I badly want him as my brother (ignore this seriously). Be good to him and don’t disappoint him because otherwise you might get every single ELF in the world to scold you (kidding though, I won’t. I will grumble and gossip with my fellow ELFs xD).

Well, conratulations for both Lee Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun! Wish you a life-long and challenging yet happy relationship! I’m anticipating the possibility of Sungmin’s leaving for his military service after this and any we-are-getting-married announcement soon after he is discharged xD Anyway, who’s next? ^^

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